Lakeside Dining set


Lakeside Dining Set

Table: 108”L 36”W 30”H

Chairs: 19”W 21”D 43”H

Figured Narra, Bubinga, Holly, Verawood, Ceylon Satinwood,

Madrone Burl, European Pear, Birdseye Maple, Maple burl

I designed this set for a home with a lakeside view. Standing in the open kitchen, you look through the dining area and out a wall of windows to the lake. I tried to bring that view to the table with intarsia designs of water iris, cattails and geese. These designs were also carried into several of the chair backs. I spent over 3 months on the intarsia work. This was the first time I have done intarsia with multiple wood species. I enjoyed the work and learned a lot. I actually felt more like a painter than a woodworker. As the days went by, it was fun to watch the pictures come together .


The table and chairs were designed to be spacious and comfortable. The trestle design of the table gives lots of leg room. The arched trestles were shaped from 6” thick stock. They support a rail system that, in turn, supports the table top. The seats and backs of the chairs are heavily sculpted – creating a very comfortable and sensual seating experience.

Narra is an Asian wood, very iridescent and 3 dimensional. I love the beautiful amber color. The tables top in particular shows off how beautiful it can be when it forms this cool “beeswing” figure.