breakfront showcase


Breakfront Showcase

Figured Ceylon Satinwood, Ebony, Brass

42”W 74”H 17”D

This cabinet could be used to display many things, but my focus when I designed it was to create a piece that could really show off beautiful art glass.

All three wings of the cabinet have low voltage halogen lighting – top and bottom. The upper and lower lights are controlled independently by dimmer switches located in the upper right drawer. The piece is detailed with lots of fine Ebony beading and carvings. Raised panels in the backs dress up the cabinets. All drawers are hand dovetailed and the pulls are fabricated from brass with carved Ebony pendants. Fluted legs sit on turned ebony feet.

Ceylon Satinwood comes from what is now Sri Lanka, an island off of India. Most of this stock is highly figured in a beeswing pattern. You will notice I used a slightly different figure pattern in the drawer fronts and raised panels in the cabinet backs. This may be my favorite wood. It is very iridescent and three dimensional and really dances when light hits it.