demilune entry table


Demilune Entry Table

Figured Imbuya, Figured Maple

42”W 31”H 14”D

This is a formal table for a special location. Demilune is French for half moon – the shape of the top. The top is actually made up of 7 imbuya wedges that are joined, and set off with fine maple trim. The legs are fluted and sit on turned maple feet. The maple “drapery” molding that runs around the bottom of the tables skirt was fun to carve and made a nice design detail. Carving the plant applied to the central skirt was a little scary…


Imbuya is an African wood. This is some rare, pomele’ figured stock. It can shift color dramatically. When you first cut into it you often find much lighter – even yellow coloring. Within days it shifts to brown and stabilizes at this beautiful coffee brown within a few weeks. The maple is a nice example of a quilt figure – which you sometimes find in our western maple.