collectors stand


Collectors Stand 

52”L 92”H 46”D 

Cocobolo, Holly, Ebony, Sterling Silver

This piece was designed to display a collection of small, precious objects – including antique pens, interesting knives and small sculptures. I tried to create a piece with the same level of delicacy and detail as the pieces it would display.

The piece was designed for a corner location but I detailed out the back sides too – so it can also work in an open space or as a room divider. A number of people who saw it in my studio said they actually think the view from behind is one of their favorites.

The cocobolo is from Nicaragua. It was harvested to make room for a new road. Cocobolo is one of half a dozen true rosewood species. It is very dense (it sinks when in water) and oily. Cocobolo trees tend to be fairly small and have short trunks and lots of arms that turn and bend quite a bit. This makes for a lot of short, narrow boards. I had to take this into account as I designed the piece – creating connections and transition points that I might not have originally thought of.  As it turned out some of these effects, like the connections in the stretchers between the legs, become some of my favorite design elements.